Day Two

Oil on canvas board, 16″ x 12″

So I started this blog because there is this really cool art gallery in Frederick, Maryland. If you haven’t been to Frederick in a while, take a weekend and check it out. It’s really getting progressively cool. I’m about to send an application to get into the gallery. The website is important.

So the art gallery is The Art Gallery (not kidding) or TAG. I’m about to submit my work, but….. here is the rub as Shakespeare would say… I haven’t painted in 10 years and have only just started painting a new body of work. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s like riding a bike. It’s not. If you have the talent, and the education, well that should be enough. It isn’t. You have to implement every trick in the bag: get in the zone, do meditation, take medication, drink, study others artwork, get angry, cry, and then paint. Ok, kinda kidding, but not really kidding.

So I’ve cried this morning because I’m not so confident I can get the mojo back, but that’s just me. All that see the paintings are so encouraging. So… I’ll just keep going and trust it will all come back after I just get on the damn bike and ride it like I know what I’m doing.

Have a great day.. And don’t forget to meditate


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