Inspiration in Painting

Oil on canvas, 16 x 20

Here is the Dine Spring from the other side of the road from the painting featured (visit Dine’ Spring in the portfolio). Again, this is a winter scene, but not snow. It’s the desert in winter: beautiful taupes, tans and a brilliant blue sky reflected in the water. Off in the distance you can see the Chinle’ or the Painted Desert rising out of the vast plains of the Navajo Reservation. Really beautiful place to paint because it’s so quiet and peaceful. Great place to meditate.

The desert has a kind of quiet that is like no other. The first time I went out onto the reservation after living years in Dallas Texas I had something called “Sedatephobia”, fear of silence. It’s an odd disorder that usually comes up when someone is used to noise around them, and suddenly finds themselves in places that have no sound. It’s very scary. Anyway, I’m now over that since I’ve learned to meditate. After become a Tibetan Buddhist I lost a lot of fear I used to have, that was one.

The best part of the rez is once your there, and you settle down and stop looking for a tv, and your phone has no reception, and the car radio is spotty, it’s time to be alone with yourself. That’s when you start learning more about being centered, and being in the zone to paint. Really wonderful.

Still looking for this in Maryland. Any suggestions?


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