To Do or Not To Do

Watercolor/gauche on paper, 9 1/4″ x 17″

First, know that I’ve never faced this dilemma, but I have had friends who did. I remember their consternation, and for one, her guilt and sadness that never left her. I will also say that I used to believe that abortion should be the decision for each person. But now as a Buddhist I’ve taken a vow to not willingly ever take a life. So there is no decision for me ever. Well, I’m to old now, but still. As a Buddhist we believe every life is precious. No exceptions. Even that pesky fly, or a deadly snake. Our practice shows us that even the snake is just trying to be happy, trying to protect itself, or get away. Have compassion. So I do have compassion, a lot of compassion, for those who have to make this kind of decision.

I did the illustration for an article on abortion, and wanted to show it beautifully in some way. Express the beauty of motherhood, and the puzzle of the child being a part of the mother, no matter where the baby is, or goes, it’s always a piece of the mother. That’s hard for everyone. That difficult confusion is illustrated in the many circles in the background, the mind going around and around. She looks stiff, and cold on a metal table, but her head, her neck is beautiful, almost virgin. I hope I conveyed what was needed and that it touched others who viewed it.


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