Three Pears Sketch


The sweet taste of a pear has driven the need to do this painting. I was shopping and saw three different color pears and realized I’d never tasted the red or green pear. So I bought all three thinking I’d try the different flavors. When I got home I set the three pears on my kitchen counter, which is a simple cream color, and they looked so beautiful I decided to paint them.

You are looking at the canvas already painted with the background, but I wasn’t sure what size I wanted to paint the pears, or where I wanted to place them on the canvas, so I’ve sketched them different sizes and this is the one that won. Stay tuned for the finished painting coming soon I hope.

Being a Painter

Being a painter isn’t always about confidence. I know I have talent, but I don’t always know at all that I’m good. And I think that’s ok because it pushes me to reach, and keeps me humble. I was talking with a good friend about her art, which I think is really good. Turns out she’s really uncertain and trying to be better also – although she has fans where I have none. She paints beautiful little paintings that are highly technical, and perfectly executed. Surprisingly she’s just like me, she wants to paint loose and let go of the ‘high technical’ essence.


Picasso’s mother, realism, oil
Picasso, Mother and Child, Expressionism, oil

Picasso was a highly technical genius. He did a painting of dead rabbits in art school very early in his life and won an award. He then decided to take the art to the expressive side – what do I feel when I look at this and how can I express that. I once painted a piece called “Fear of Understanding Picasso” because I thought if I understood his work and started to paint like he did, there would be fewer people relating to my work. I couldn’t decide if that was good or bad, so I just had the fear of ever getting to a place where I’d have to decide to take it to that kind of space in my head. That piece ended up winning first place in a show, and I remember standing to the side listening to people who would stop, look at the painting and then make comments. “This isn’t even art. I could do this.” was one comment. And immediately after they left, a couple came by. The woman said “This is the only real piece of art here.” I laughed and cried all at the same time. I hadn’t realized that I had arrived in the ‘Picasso Place’ without even knowing. I was shocked that it won. It was a piece that was deep seated in fear, and it won!


So today I’m trying to find that middle ground; paintings that are expressive but still art that many can relate and connect with. Loose and pushing the color to be more of a celebration of the scene. Not everyone understands that, but hey, I believe in it…. just like I believed in the ‘Fear of Understanding Picasso’.

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