She Didn’t Believe in ‘A’s’


B+ Inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt

I had a perfect 4.0 grade point average and was on the Dean’s List for three semesters in a row. I received recognition from the University in an awards ceremony, and was printed up in a directory of those on the Dean’s List for exceptional academic record. I worked hard to keep it a perfect grade.

She didn’t believe in A’s. She was a new teacher from New York, and it was her first year of teaching art and design. She once won a competition with a roster painting. But she didn’t believe in A’s, and it completely ruined my perfect grade point average and threatened my ability to continue to receive my scholarship for the next semester.

She told me once that my design wouldn’t work “Oh no,” she said, “That will never work.” It ended up winning first place on a competition in which she was not a judge. It was a poster for the University itself, an Earth Day poster. She didn’t believe in A’s.

Oh well, she gave me a B+ and after that I never worried about my grade point average again. It was just a grade after all. I still had art, and creativity. All she had was the control over giving out a B+ to those who deserved an A. I bet I was happier.

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