Fall Storm

Oil on canvas panel, 16″ x 12″

I’ve begun looking for subjects to paint here in the east. Since I’m so used to open spaces and rolling hills, when I saw this beautiful scene outside Clarksdale I decided to take it on. I wanted to be reminiscent of Van Gogh’s style, but definitely my own twist. I like the texture, color and character of the painting. It really expresses what I see in the farm lands around Germantown. Van Gogh has really influenced my recent work for a couple of reasons. I’m shocked that he only sold one painting in his life, yet his painting today have received the highest price at auction. I’m certain he would see the irony, but also find it humorous that the pubic didn’t understand his expression completely until today.

Van Gogh painted the expression of what he saw, and not the literal image. Picasso was the same. He was an amazing technician, but chose to paint his interpretation of what he saw expressively¬†and creatively with little thought for is audience. That’s hard to do as an artist.

So in Arizona I decided to stretch my abilities by letting go of my ego on how a painting looked and just express whatever came to mind. It produced a whole new look and feel to my paintings. They all sold, so I’m not far away from what others want in art. Maybe it’s ok to be expressive. That’s what Fall Storm is all about. Expressing the Maryland rural landscape and not afraid to show the colors and shapes that are so characteristic.


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