Watercolor on 120 lb coldpress paper, 22″ x 36″ Sold

I learned how to paint with watercolor from my art illustration teacher David Christiana. He was an amazing teacher, and even a more amazing watercolor artist (and still is). His love of the medium was completely catching. He was an illustrator, and has since published several children’s books which he authored and illustrated. From those classes I found the love of watching the pigment float in the water, and used control with a Windsor Newton No. 7 sable brush pulling the paint over cold press paper. It was exhilarating! I loved to paint large, and was skillful enough with the medium to have fun where others often struggled.

But… I could not afford to frame the pieces. AND….. it’s been proven … in galleries people just don’t want to buy a pricey watercolor. No one knows why, there are guesses it’s because the artwork is under glass and not so immediate or close to the viewer. Heartbreaking but true.

To view my watercolors please visit my home page which is my portfolio.